Because there is no Planet B

Project Canary

Methane is 80 times worse than CO2 for our planet.

We can’t manage what we don’t measure. There are over a million producing oil and gas wells. Until now, the only way to monitor them for unintended leaks of methane has been to drive around in a pickup truck with an expensive infrared camera.

Random inspections are expensive and ineffective.

Project Canary’s mission is to reduce the release of methane into our atmosphere.

It’s time to think differently.

Our goal is to continuously monitor thousands of remote sites and help energy companies reduce fugitive gas emissions.


Want to see what continuous, remote monitoring of a well site looks like?

Head over to our Canary Dashboard and check it out.

Solar Powered.

Cellular Connected.

Methane Monitor.

The world’s first practical solution for fugitive gas monitoring, Canary is designed specifically to keep an eye on all those remote oil and gas wellsites. No one wants to leak natural gas into the atmosphere, and frankly the industry would rather sell it. The problem is that until now the only way to monitor all those well sites was to drive around with an infrared camera looking for leaks. Not very efficient. Not very practical when there are nearly one million producing wells in the US alone.

Canary is completely different.


We are committed to enabling safe, responsible energy development. Natural gas is a valuable resource for our nation. We believe the oil and gas industry is deeply committed to environmental stewardship and corporate citizenship.

We are all on this planet together and share a common concern for the future.